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Finally a product (ECOSTAR) that reduces fuel consumption by up to 70%!!! It uses German Nano Technology and has the following certifications and endorsements :

✅ NOVO Environment Tech, Singapore

✅ TUV Cert Rheinland, Germany (www.tuv.com/world/en/product-certification.html)

✅ European Emission Standards – Euro 4

✅ Puspakom (www.puspakom.com.my/)

✅ MPOB – Malaysian Palm Oil Board mpob.gov.my/

✅ Chartis (Liability Insurance of RM2.5 million)


1️⃣ Protects & lubricates the combustion chamber.

2️⃣Eco-friendly & non-corrosive.

3️⃣Improves engine performance.

4️⃣Lubricates valve/piston & reduces “knocking” and “pinging” sound.

5️⃣Reduces fuel cost by up to 70%.

6️⃣Reduces smoke emmission.

7️⃣Cleans injectors and carburetors.

Connect with me at wasap.my/60166819119/ecostar

You won’t regret buying this product that has undergone 26 years of research.


Klik sini : https://satglobiz.nowlifestyle.com/pb/ecostar1

Topnotch Resources

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