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MediSavers VIP250 Super Protector assures you of a high RM1,100,000 per illness limit.

YES. RM1,100,000 Per illness

Is your current medical card giving you sufficient protection?

Making the switch is easy on your pocket. We’re the most AFFORDABLE Medical Card in Malaysia!

MediSavers has been issuing insurance policies for the past 21 years,hence we play a vital role in the healthcare medical insurance industry.

Join the masses who’ve chosen MediSavers as their medical card!

✅ Room & Board:
RM 250 per night

✅ Annual Limit: No annual limit

✅ Lifetime Limit: No lifetime limit

✅ Per Illness Limit: RM1,100,000

✅ USD1,000,000 worldwide emergency medical evacuation. *

✅ Guaranteed renewable for LIFE

✅ Included: Pathlab 52 test + 5 cancer markers (women) / 4 cancer markers (male) blood screening voucher provided every year

….. Get it while you are healthy

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